Turbines secured for 8MW Alaska Wind Farm in Dorset

Alaska Wind Farm LLP, a joint venture between Infinergy and Holme Estate, have acquired four refurbished Vestas V80 2MW wind turbines from Business In Wind for the operational sand and gravel extraction site Masters Quarry near Wareham in Purbeck, Dorset. The wind farm gained planning consent in 2012.

The turbines’ tower components are currently being transported from Belgium, where they have been operational for 10 years, to the Dorset site. The towers will be stored on site until further works commence from early 2022. Turbine installation is expected to take place in the Summer with the wind farm fully operational by Autumn 2022. Once operational, the wind farm is expected to generate approximately 18.15 GWh of renewable electricity per annum to the local grid network, enough to meet the annual electricity demand of just over 5,000 homes each year.
Alaska Wind Farm represents a £9m investment. Balance of Plant contractors for the project will be Power Systems UK, taking charge of the electrical engineering works, with construction services to be delivered by Knights Brown. The wind farm will share its grid connection with a solar farm that will be built in the near future. This approach will ensure an efficient use of the local grid network.

Infinergy’s Chief Executive Esbjorn Wilmar said: “We are delighted to build Dorset’s first wind farm, supplying a substantial amount of green power to the local network and contributing to Dorset’s renewable energy ambitions.
Mr Wilmar continued: “As emphasized by COP26 earlier this month, tackling man-made climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. We cannot delay any longer and it is vital that everyone does their bit. As a county, Dorset has been lagging behind in renewable energy generation. Alaska Wind Farm is a step in the right direction, making a real contribution at the local level.”