Infinergy offsets 2019 carbon footprint

As a renewable energy developer, sustainability is at the core of Infinergy’s corporate values. With the objective to expand the company’s portfolio of solar and wind projects in an increasingly sustainable way, Infinergy has opted to offset its own carbon footprint created each year.

Over 2019 it was estimated that Infinergy’s business operations (excluding construction activities) had led to the emission of approximately 44.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This total was then converted in monetary terms and the resulting amount was donated to two reputable conservation charities.

Infinergy’s CEO Esbjorn Wilmar said: “As a company we wanted to take the next step in delivering renewable energy projects in as ‘green’ a way as possible. Our work involves a considerable amount of travelling to and from our projects and offices, in the UK as well as in The Netherlands and Australia. Although we already encourage the use of carbon efficient forms of transport where possible, by offsetting our employees’ travel and office use each year we aim to significantly reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

“Whilst offsetting carbon is not the end goal, we see it as an important step in the transition to a carbon neutral economy, creating a mind-set of doing things in the least harmful way to the planet. We are keen to contribute to that in any meaningful way we can and encourage the business community as a whole to follow suit.”

Using Carbon Footprint Ltd’s carbon calculator (, employee air travel and car mileage to the company’s offices and projects over the course of 2019 was calculated. In addition, although Infinergy already uses a green electricity provider to supply their offices, the carbon footprint of gas for office heating and electricity was also included. Calculations resulted in an estimated overall figure of roughly 44.3 tonnes of CO2 for 2019.

Infinergy used the amount of £50 per CO2 tonne: the high end of the range for the value of offsetting carbon dioxide. The resulting £2,215 was then donated to two charities: Trees for Life, for reforesting in Scotland where a large part of Infinergy’s wind energy portfolio is situated, and the Rainforest Trust, an international charity protecting rainforests