Take action against climate change

There are things that you and your family can do at home to fight climate change - we all need to work together to save the environment.

  1. Every time you leave a room, switch off the light
  2. When you are finished watching TV, switch if off and donít leave it on standby
  3. Donít leave the water running when you brush your teeth
  4. Dripping taps waste water Ė if you stop a dripping tap inform a grown up so that it can be fixed
  5. Turn the temperature of your central heating down by just 1 degree
  6. When the heating is on, keep all doors and windows closed
  7. Use both sides of a piece of paper before throwing it away
  8. Recycle paper, plastic, glass and cans
  9. Replace old light bulbs with energy saving ones
  10. Plant a tree. In its lifetime a tree will take a lot of CO2 out of the air and produce oxygen
  11. Join a nature organisation