The challenge starts here

Fill out the answers to the following questions to be in with the chance of winning a fantastic prize. Everyone who plays wins a prize. Per project, one big prize is granted by Infinergy. All prizes can be collected at the public exhibition we hold in your local area about our local wind farm project.

Check the project website or the local newspaper for details on where and when, or visit the Infinergy website. If you don't live in an area we have a project, you can contact us.

All quiz answers can be found from the information on this website. The first letter of each answer, when put together, form a word. Fill out the answers and the word we are looking for and you have a chance of winning a big stunt kite!

Click here to see the rules in more detail.

  1. Global Warming refers to the increase in the world's...

  2. A country that has the most suitable weather for wind farms in Europe:

  3. An advantage of energy from wind, water and the sun over fossil fuels is that they never...

  4. Sun, wind, water and geothermal are renewable energy sources. But there is one missing in the list. Which one?

  5. Where were the earliest windmills?

  6. What is the head of a wind turbine called?

  7. What do we use all energy sources for? To make...

The magic word is: